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Since Renee was re-launched I have made a number of improvements .
I fitted a new Chart plotter. I chose Garmins Latest Echomax 50 which has excellent resolution and is compact and AIS ready.
I bought a weatherdock AIS reciever and after many frustrating attempts to make it work , I now have AIS working on the plotter.
I fitted new Genoa tracks and blocks. The first blocks were undersized and came apart at the first gust. Lewmar very kindly changed them tho beefier ones.
I replaced the Genoa sheets and cut new mooring lines.
I made locking latches to secure the cockpit floor in place and I fitted latches to the cockpit seats so that they can be locked. if neccessary.
I also purchased a secondhand Raymarine tiller pilot which has prove to be invaluable when sailing shorthanded. It is an excellent piece of kit.

I've been fairly busy with sailing courses, and building campervans this summer.
http://www.vantocampervan.co.uk  so there has not been much time to get out to do some serious sailing.
However Lorna and Angus have been out a couple of times in the Harbour and I had 2 days out to Portsmouth with 2 of my Grandsons. I am due to take my youngest daughter and her 3 children out for 3 days around the Solent next week. The weather looks good  so here is hoping for a successful trip.

1st sailing lesson for Lorna & Angus

Chilly June Day.

Budding Sailors Harry and Oliver checking the chartwork

On Passage from Portsmouth back to Emsworth in a comfortable force 4.

Renee parked in Haslar Marina.

My Daughter Mireille and her 3 children Marlowe, Poppy and Henri came down last Monday and , after loading the boat with the neccessary victuals and clothes for a 3 day trip we set off to Portsmouth. The wind was SW4 so we had to tack and this took a little longer than planned. We tied up inHaslar and took the ferry to Gunwarf Quays for a well earned meal. In the morning we had a hearty breakfast and set off to Cowes. We chugged up the Medina river and moored up in East Cowes. We strolled over to West cowes fore afternoon tea and took the water taxi back to the marina. Dinner was at the Lifeboat inn. There was no wind the next morning so we had to chug back to Emsworth. The kids had a great time. A new adventure on Grandad's boat.

Mireille and the Grandchildren on their first real sail out to sea.

Crew accomodation in the fore cabin

Marlowe and Mireille on watch

This week the weather has been great and I persuaded Lorna that a short trip to Bembridge would be nice. Lorna had not slept on the boat before so this was going to be a new experience. We took Angus's bed along and Set off about 2pm on Monday in order to get the high water at Bembridge.
We had a good trip over despite a lack of wind. We had dinner in the Bay watch on the beach restaurant which was very nice if not a little pricey. Still in August, right on the beach, what di we expect.

Perfect conditions for a leisurly sail over to Bembridge

Low water looking out over Bembridge Harbour

Salty Dog Quarters

In the Morning, we took a bus into Bembridge and treated ourselves to a lobster and a fine dover sole from the excellent fish monger in the village for our dinner, and then after a stroll round the village , took a taxi back to the marina.
We headed back about 2pm when there was enough depth to get out  and arrived back in Emsworth after a rather long chug back due to a lack of wind just at high water.. Lorna and Angus enjoyed the experience and we are looking forward to the next opportunity for a few days on board.

Tiring business this sailing lark.

Lorna seems happy enough with life on board.

Engine problems.
After returning from Bembridge, I noticed a distinct knocking noise which was not normal. As I couldn't  Idendity where it was coming from I asked the guys from AD Marine to come to have a look. They identified it to a broken engine mount. they also suspected a worn torque plate in the flywheel and sujested that I take a loo at it.

I set about removing the engine again and remove the mountings. I spun it round and removed the bell housing to extract the torque plate. I was relieved to see that it was still in good shape and promptly put it back. I suspect the the noises are more due to a worn gearbox. I changed the oil and will tackle that problem on the next re-fit.

When removing the old feet 2 of the coach screws sheared in the bearers so I decided to move the engine forward 1/2 inch an make new holes. I double checked all the spacings and fitted the new mountings firmly to the engine and positioning it exactly before marking the spots for the new holes.

Once this was done it was easy to put the engine back and bolt it down securly after connecting the shaft and then all the ancilliaries and firing it up.. Hope fully it won't give me any more grief for a while.

Engine in the saloon again!

In June  this year, I had Renee lifted out for 5 days to touch up the paintwork and antifoul her bottom

I took the opportunity to cut out some scuppers in the toerails and to give a new coat of paint to the topsides , just to freshen her up.

Lorna and Angus manged to come out with me on one of those nice sunny afternoons.

Miranda and her boys came out on one of those not so nice balmy days but the rain stayed away.

Didn't get much chance to do much sailing during the school holidays but we did manage to get the dinghy out and explore around emsworth harbour with some of the grandchildren.

One of my French sailing students, Pedro came over from France and we had the opportunity to put renee through her paces in 20+ kts of wind. Eventually we had to put in a reef!

My Marina neighbours Patrick and Gillian, kindly took this photo of Renee as we sailed by in Chichester Harbour. . Pretty little thing she is under sail.